Your expertise is in manufacturing quality goods. We take care of the rest.

Discover the A-Tech Difference

Improved Cash Flow

A-tech’s Whole Service® Solutions eases your cash flow and gives you 100% bad debt protection. We free you to focus on your areas of expertise – manufacturing quality goods. We will do the rest – getting those goods to market.

We make doing business easy when we purchase your finished goods. We pay your invoice when due, every time or take advantage of any discount terms offered. We will purchase full truckloads of your products to further reduce your packaging, handling and freight costs.

We work closely with you to provide sufficient lead time for our orders so you can receive your raw materials as needed to avoid any product shortages, thus eliminating back orders. This helps your forecasting and minimizes your on-hand finished goods inventory. Once we purchase the product, we warehouse it until it is delivered to the customer or dealer.

We assume all credit risk with our mutual customer/dealer base. We build strong relationships with our customers and take pride in being reasonable and flexible.

Zero Damage

When A-tech delivers your products, you can rest assured that they will arrive in perfect condition. We guarantee zero product damage – Yes, zero – or we make it right! We understand that your reputation as well as ours is on the line.

Our expertise is delivering the fragile or heavy or odd-sized products that other carriers find so difficult. We employ an experienced team of driver/delivery specialists who care for your products from door to door. Our drivers understand the importance of extraordinary customer service and they make sure they do their part in transporting your products to customers without damaging it.

We understand that not all customers are the same, so we deliver partial truckloads, full truckloads and small shipments efficiently and cost effectively. A-tech works hard to make it easy for customers to do business with us. We can deliver to almost any location customers request: warehouse locations – large and small, storage lockers, residential garages and even some job sites.

We can also pickup your product from most manufacturing facilities and transport your finished goods to our warehouses, thus avoiding potential damage and additional costs caused by using a common carrier. You can trust that we will transport your products from your door to ours and the customer’s with care and professionalism.

Strategic Locations

A-tech has established warehouse/distribution locations in strategic locations which make it possible to reach the greatest geographic territory most efficiently. We currently have two locations a Mid-Atlantic warehouse and a Midwest warehouse. With our Whole Service® distribution, we can deliver to 37 states from these facilities.

Our Mid-Atlantic warehouse is located in Easton, PA. We service the entire eastern seaboard and as far west as central Ohio from this location. This location is also our corporate headquarters and we have delivered from the Mid-Atlantic region since 1989.

We recently moved our Midwest facility from Indianapolis to St. Louis, Missouri. We found that we could more efficiently service a greater geographic area from the St. Louis area. This location services the territories from central Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee and Georgia on the eastern edge to as far west as Denver Colorado. We have delivered from the Midwest region since 1999.

Our future plans include opening a third facility in the Reno/Sparks Nevada region. This third location will enable us to deliver to the entire continental United States.

By taking advantage of our fully stocked warehouses, your finished goods inventory can be minimized at your location. We work closely with you and order enough of your product to virtually eliminate back orders to customer/dealers.

We, at A-tech, take pride in our team of warehouse and inventory specialists. Your products are handled carefully when loading, unloading and storing. Our inventory accuracy is extraordinary; weekly cycle counts consistently averages 99.5%. We provide fully coordinated product tracking/ordering.

We also welcome customers who wish to come to our locations and pick up the product themselves. We strive to be easy to do business with on every level. Many of our existing customers use our facility as their warehouse and pick up product as they need it.

Personalized Service & Support

You will quickly find that you can rely upon the trusted support that A-tech’s experts provide to you and to your customer/ dealers. We will thoroughly learn the benefits and specifics of your product line and be able to speak intelligently and expertly when representing your products. Our employees are screened for their ability to understand and discuss technical information as well as their ability to build and maintain meaningful interpersonal relationships. This holds true for our external sales force as well as our internal customer service staff.

We, at A-tech, believe that we can only service you by being available to you when you need us. Our Customer Service representatives personally answer every call to A-tech during our office hours of Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm eastern time. Our external sales force will share their cell phone numbers with your customer/ dealers so they can be reached outside of business hours if needed.

A-tech employees are empowered to satisfy the needs of our customers and take great pride in resolving issues immediately. Our employees routinely share this information with others in the company to eliminate the root cause the problems. These conversations take a problem-solving approach rather than a blaming approach. This highly prized trait of our organization rings true to our customers and strengthens the trust in our relationships.

Manufacturer Testimonials

“A-Tech has been an Advanced Plastic distributor since 2007. We highly recommend A-Tech to anyone looking to expand their overhead door products business including your garage door weather sealing essentials. A-Tech provides first class service with the highest integrity and their staff is very personable and knowledgeable including technical support. With warehouses strategically placed around the country, A-Tech uses their own fleet of over the road trucks to insure deliveries arrive safely and in a timely manner.”

Advanced Plastic Corp.

“Globe International and A-tech have had a strong partnerships for many years. There is no question that A-tech’s commitment to quality products and their ability to offer tremendous customer service will further drive A-tech’s growth in the future.”

Steve Weissman
Globe International Corporation

“A-tech has a long history supplying LiftMaster brand products to unique service areas throughout the US. The high level of sales and service they deliver in support of LiftMaster has made them a valued partner. This relationship has proven to be mutually beneficial, and we look forward to many years of continued growth.”

Rod Slaughter
LiftMaster Regional Sales Manager- Mid Atlantic